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104 responses to “Home

  1. I am researching LAc George Alfred Turner (Stage Name – George Raymonde) who I believe trained at RAF Weeton in 1943 and was involved in the stations entertainments until 1945 when he became a professional pantomime and variety entertainer. Any reminiscences and/or birth date would be most helpful.
    Thank you. Malcolm Drew

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I wish to trace USA Airforcemen who were based in Lakenheath, Suffork,
    England between 1943 and 1945. My friend, Kenneth Sydney Cook now Proctor, was born on the 20 June 1945 to a Constance May Cook. His father was an American Airforceman based at Lakenheath by the first name of Kenneth. Unfortunately, my friend Ken, only found out after his mother passed away that the man he calls Dad isn’t his biological father and he is ever so keen to find anything about his American family.Constance was a “Wren” working as a cook at the Mildenhall base where she would have met Kenneth. Please can you advise me as to where and how to investigate any possible leads to help Ken. I’d say my friend, Ken has a very strong physical resemblence of his biological father as he doesn’t look anything like his brother or his mother’s side of the family. Any help in advancing our search would be eternally appreciated.
    Eagerly awaiting your reply,
    Thank You in advance,
    Bev Bosch

    • Hi Bev,

      Most if not all American Military Records are held by the US Federal Government in the US National Archives. Even those units that were based in the UK during the wars will have their records there rather than in the UK as they aren’t UK records. A few record collections for the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) can be found here: http://www.archives.gov/research/guide-fed-records/groups/018.html

      I’m reasonably confident that the RAF and UK Government don’t have personnel lists in any detail of American serviceman in the UK. I know that the UK has death records for Americans who fought in the RAF’s Eagle Squadrons, Pilot Officer W M L Fiske being most prominent but I don’t think this extends to service records. The Eagle Squadrons were transferred to the USAAF when the USA entered the Second World War, presumably along with any and all records for their pilots.

      Constance’s Women’s Royal Naval Service record is likely available via the UK Ministry of Defence and the full record can be requested by Next of Kin or with NoK persmission. A smaller, less detailed record can be requested for those without Next of Kin permission.

      I hope this helps somewhat and if there’s anything else I can do please ask! I’m not that clued up on US Records though, we mostly deal with requests for UK servicemen and women!

      Kind Regards,


      • Thank you very much Tom. I’ll get Ken to enquire about his Mum’s records and I’ll get in touch with the USA records.

      • No problem Bev,

        I’m very happy to help.

        It might be worth checking what the Ancestry.com site has for US Service Records if any. I know the UK based one has records for the First World War, presumably the US one has some military records as well.

        Kind Regards,


  3. Can anyone please be kind enough to advise me as to where I can obtain class/group/year photos of my father who served in the Royal navy from 1950 -1972 I am particularly interested in RNH Malta,, RNH Plymouth, Loch Insh and Seahawk, also other phots of him taken during his service, I have seen many but have none, also copies of any of his qualification certificates

    • Hi Jan,

      Forces Reunited has an extensive gallery of images here: http://www.forcesreunited.org.uk/gallery_home.asp These are all user submitted but may relate to your requests.

      If you have seen photographs of your father somewhere, why not ask the owners for copies? I’m sure if they are held in a museum and you explained your situation they could arrange something for you.

      Qualification Certificates are likely with your father’s Service Records, he will have been given most of these when he left the service, however the Royal Navy still probably have some of his files. Have a look through this page on how to request them: https://www.gov.uk/requests-for-personal-data-and-service-records

      Kind Regards,


      • thanks that
        is a tremendous help, most of the photos I have seen are more of the ‘at work’ shots and I assume to belong to the navy or MOD

    • Hi Jan,

      Most pictures have a small symbol or logo in the corner that tells you where they are from. However if the pictures are provided on a government website ending .gov.uk for example or .mod.uk then they do belong to the government and unless otherwise stated can’t be used.

      However you should again be able to contact them and ask for permission to use them or even to be provided copies.

      Kind Regards,


  4. WING COMMANDER ERNEST WILSON 1945 – 1975 191268

    Hello Everybody. I’m trying to trace some background information on an Ernest Wilson 191268. He joined the force in 1945 as a volunteer. He was serving at RAF Sealand in 1950 as a Flying Officer and left the force in 1975 as a Wing Commander when he retired. If anybody knew or knows of him can they please let me know. Any photos would be greatly appreciated too. Very many thanks in advance. Michael

  5. I’m researching Wing Commander Ernest Wilson 191268 formally of RAF Sealand. Can anybody help me please. Thanks

  6. I am looking for any info on my dad john William gates, ,he was in the rasc during the second world war,i believe he was a dispatch rider.kind regards Doreen baker nee gates

  7. Hi I am looking for any info on my late dad he died in march looking so see if any one served with dad or photos dad was in the rasc I came across a drawing dad done off a truck and on corner off a drawing was 125 coy RASC (BR) baor5 my dad’s name was Hugh miller he got called dusty as a nick name but don’t know if it was the same in the army

  8. Hi sir\madam! I’m currently looking for my dad a Mr Glenn dyer. He served in the royal Hampshire regiment and was a corporal. He served from 1979 til 2007. If anyone could help I would be very grateful. Kirsty dyer

  9. A glen dyer of the royal Hampshire regiment who was a corporal from 1979 til 2007 if anyone can help thank you Kirsty dyer

  10. Unfortunately we sold my dad’s medals and a box of documentation and related material at auction Carlisle 05/11/09. I am trying to trace who may have bought them. My dad was Pte Reginald Dennis – Gordon Highlanders. He was in France or Belgium at the time of the German surrender.

  11. After such a long search I have found my Grandfathers army number. It was T4/220270 and he served in the Army Service Corps in the 1st World War. His name was Matthew Francis Broadley . My one search now is to find out what happened to the 905th Company and where they were. There seems to be a mystery regarding there theatre of action during the duration of the war. I would appreciate any help in this matter.

  12. Thanks Tom you’ve been a great help. I’ll continue my search with the information you’ve given me.,

    • Hello Mr Halsey,

      I’m terribly sorry but we no longer offer the baseball caps for sale as Forces Reunited discontinued it’s Army Surplus Store arm over 4 years ago. It wasn’t very profitable and the money was though better used by re-investing in the website.

      There are a number of alternative sites out there that sell baseball caps with British Armed Forces branding one such site is: http://www.awardmedals.com/military-baseball-caps-c-168_285_38.html

      They aren’t affiliated with Forces Reunited so I can’t speak as to their delivery times, prices or item quality but they offer a very good range of caps! I’m sure that a quick google search will also reveal other sites you might be more familiar with as well!

      Kind Regards,

      Forces Reunited

  13. Hi myself and my sister are trying to locate our nephew Richard Keith Trusswell last known address Ripon or Northants. We know that he followed his father into the Army (his father was killed in service before he was born in Cyprus). We have tried all other avenues of search. Does anyone know him or could offer any suggestions please?

    • Hi Mary
      try the royal engineers in Ripon north Yorkshire or the army records office of the regt, your nephew was in, best of luck, Bob

  14. After 47 years I managed to trace my school friend and RAF mate Fred Lewis. This was searching for many years. we are in contact and have met with more meetings to be arrangedf. A big thanks to Forcxes Re-united. Tom Wallbank.

  15. Looking for Alan Carr were in Germany 1956 1968 he live in newcastle we big buddy s but can’t find home any 1out there that know him pass this on my name in taffy Jim Callaghan love to see I’m agian

  16. I am trying to find people that knew my father when he was in the RAF between the years 1961/1976 as we are holding him a surprise 70th birthday party and I would like to invite some of his old mates his name is William Smith mitchell and served in Cyprus, Scotland, Lincoln and other places I’m not sure about but I remember us living in Scampton

    • Good Morning Susan,

      You will nee to place a post on Forces Reunited, RAF Forums and perhaps contact the RAF Association for help in locating people who may know your Father.
      Forces Reunited Forum: https://www.forcesreunited.co.uk/forum/
      RAF Association: https://www.rafa.org.uk/

      RAF Forums: http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/

      Some RAF Squadrons have their own Forums, so you would need to google the Squadron to locate the forums, Google Search term would be for example: “216 Squadron RAF Forum”.

      Hope that helps.


      Forces Reunited Support

      • My dad was in the RAF between the times you mentioned….. but he died several yrs ago… was also stationed in Cyprus…Chief tech Bert Woodard…I know that`s not what your asking for, but just wanted an excuse to see his name in print!!…..good luck with your search Susan

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