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70 responses to “Home

  1. like alison gilroys date of birth please she lives in hedgend southampton shes 50 years old manager of southampton day service at freemantle please thanks sally elisbetth smith

    • Hi Sally,

      If you are looking for a Friend from the Armed Services please visit the Forces Reunited website and click on the “Find Friends” button. Regretfully we cannot carry out a search for you from the FR Blog.

  2. i am looking for ma birth parants. my birth name is Becky Elizabeth Skinner and i was born in 16/03/1992. i was born in inverness hospital and my birth mothers parents stayed in RAF Kinloss. her name is Tracy Patricia Skinner and my fathers name is David Ross who i am guessing is from Forres. i know that my birth mothers parents stayed at 24 portal road kinloss. if anyone knows who they are or where they are or anything about them please get intouch
    thank you

  3. I wish to stop my membership.can you stop taking money from my account .i have finished with your service

    • Hi Alan,

      Just looking on the internet and saw your post, my father Captain Mick Kearney was married to Sally Kearney he passed away in 1995, he was ex Raoc, if you want to contact my mum feel free to do so through me Best Wishes Michael (jnr)

  4. Anyone knows the whereabouts of John Farmer? We served together at RAF Hospital Wroughton 1972-1974. If anyone reading this note served at RAH Hospital Wroughton SEN Course 55. Please contact me.

  5. Do you not think the gallery has slowed down since changing the way we the members can post them! I believe the old way was much better and more photos entered!

    • Hello Jack,

      I’m not aware of any changes that have been made to the Gallery recently, at least not ones that would slow it down.

      I’ll have a word with our tech staff once they have finished their meetings today, to see if anything has changed.



  6. I am trying to trace my Grandfathers military service record in the Dardanelles campaign with no success so far. His name was Matthew Francis Broadley, born 1883 possibly served in the East Yorkshire Regiment. Would appreciate any information.

    • Hello Colin,

      A lot of Records from the First World War no longer exist as they were destroyed in the bombings of London during World War Two. Only about 20% of WW1 Service Records still exist and of those there is usually only a medal index card.

      I have checked with the Web Manager of our sister website Forces War Records to see if he can find a record of Matthew F Broadley, unfortunately they appear not to have any records. FWR has a large database of records but not all of them. All I can recommend is the National Archives now down in Kew which you can access online or visit yourself. You can contact them online here: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/contact/

      Alternatively, Forces War Records do offer the use of their professional researcher who can go to the Archives for you. If this is of interest please follow this link: http://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/Researcher Please note that to do this you will have to create an FWR account and login.

      There is one other option as well sir, though it can be unreliable depending on the availability of resources. Regiment Museums very often keep their own records and sometimes can include service records of personnel who have fought in the Regiment. The East Yorkshire Regiment were almagamated into the Prince of Wales’s Own Yorkshire Regiment in 1958 so their Regiment Museum may be able to help. Contact details for the Museum are:

      The Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire (14th/15th Foot Regimental Museum
      3a Tower Street, YORK, YO1 9SB.
      Tel: (01904) 461010
      Fax: (01904) 461021

      I hope this information is of use to you sir and that you find your Grandfathers Record.

      Kind Regards,

      Forces Reunited


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  9. Hello I have been looking for Cathy Mc Vey, (sorry but don’t know her married name) since 1990 served in the WRAF, she was at Wilmslow training in 1957 and I think she emigrated to New Zealand maybe in the 1980’s and was going to open a B&B. She was trying to contact me, (I think on friends reunited) unfortunately I didn’t see her search until 2 years later and have tried everywhere to find her since then
    Can anyone help please ?

    • Hi Yvonne, I write the RNZAFA Newsletter for the Canterbury Branch here in New Zealand, I would be quite happy to put a notice in the newsletter for you if that would be of any assistance? The newsletter goes right around NZ as well as Australia, South Africa, America and even the UK! If you would like to check it out, this is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/200239703452020/
      My details are attached
      Bryn Holland (Ex RAF and a Forces Reunited member)

  10. As I won’t use Pay Pale to pay for any thing, so it appears I can’t join this forum ,why is it Forces reunited won’t allow us allow to use pin sentry via our normal bank cards for payment ,why are they extending the payment line by 3 days ,by using Pay pale ?this also opens up our accounts to others when its not needed .I will only use a pin sentry machine to make payment as I know it’s secure, where as pay pale needs another Pass word , which leaves it open to attack .

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for reporting this. It’s the first time we’ve received a complaint about it. As far as I was aware Paypal was a separate Payment method we offered and Card payments could be processed independently of it.

      I’ve contacted our Technical Director about the Issue, he’s unfortunately not in the office this afternoon but should be back tomorrow.

      Paypal is a generally secure payment system and is widely popular, but we shouldn’t be offering it as the sole payment method. Variety is the Spice of Life so they say.

      Will update tomorrow once I’ve had word from the Technical Director.


      Web Manager
      Forces Reunited

  11. Hi I am desperately trying to find someone who was in RAF Laarbruch in 1990-1992, his name was SAC Gareth evans and he then worked in supplies. I know his family were from Stafford, brother were called Glyn evans (Royal navy) and Darren evans, parents were called Ella and glyn evans. Desperately trying to find him, his 21 year old daughter misses him. Thanks

  12. Su Pembleton…worked with 11 Dental Region in the early 90’s and the again in the latter 90’s after being in Harrogate with the Foundation College. I’m wondering if 11 Region plan to do a reunion. Lots of people that would be nice to catch up with, Bruce Barclay, Col Cox, Marie Harvey, Linda Clarke, are just a few. 11 Region covered Larkhill to Tidworth, Bulford, Upavon etc

  13. Hi,
    Once you have emailed a lost friend does Forces Reunited notify them personally or does that person have to log on to check if they have mail? Asking as I’m new to the site

    • Hi Aaron,

      Yes the site sends an e-mail to a user’s personal e-mail to say they have received a new message or someone has viewed their profile for example.

      I hope you get a response!

      If you have any further questions regarding use of the site or functionality please use the FAQ/Contact Us button on the website. This will allow you to contact the support team directly rather than our blog!

      Kind Regards,

      Forces Reunited

  14. Looking for ex members of the Near East Parachute Rescue Team based at Akrotiri, 1970 to 1972

    • Any one knowing of Martin Mawer formally of the R.M.P any information will be greatly appreciated
      Marina Mawer

  15. My name is mary isaac i am looking for my father who is called stward taylor i am not shore if he is still sevring for the army but he was in the amry 18 years go and he was a diver could any one please conconcat me if they worked with him or anyone who knows where about he is .or anyone that knows him as i would like to meet up with him or get in touch with him.i know that his perants lived at Barnstaple devon .or any addvice would bee good thankyou.

  16. In the early sixties my husband was stationed in Cyprus and we lived in Limassol, later going on to RAF station Episkopi I would so love to find ,my old friend Odette who l believe went on to get remarried after returning home. She trained as a hairdresser and l used to go and visit her every week where she would put highlites in my hair, l know she came from the Isle of Man and l think she went back there to live when the posting was up where l do believe she ran a Guest House, l wonder if she sounds familiar to anybody out there.
    Valerie Woodard

  17. My name is Yvonne and i am looking for John Healey… The last time we seen each other was in 443 B.A.D Singapore… would loved to know how life has treated him and i hope he had a good life… I was in Singapore from1965 to 1968… at the time i was married to Malcolm shelton ((( nick name brummie))) great pals with Audrey &Scouse….

  18. It is actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing. bfdbdekggdde

  19. I have been a member for years and am a paid up member until =l May 2015, but the system will not allow me to log in, it just keeps saying I need a valid email address.
    As I have been using it for the past 13 years and it is accepted everywhere else, something is radically wrong with this website.

  20. Hi I’m looking for my birth father, it’s been over 20 years since I last seen him. His name is Simon Dowell, his service number was 24626410 and he served with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, I think he may have served in the Falklands war while in service. Any information about him would be grateful.

    • Hi Norman,

      Our server based in Wiltshire was very likely knocked out by power disruptions last night due to the Thunderstorms.

      I’m very sorry about that.

      The site should be up and working now. If you have any problems please contact the support team via the FAQ/Contact Us button.

      Kind Regards,


  21. Looking for friends of my father John paddy ryan who was in the raf stationed in Benson Xmas island ,calshot thorney island Wilden rather Germany in the 60s .He was a c Pl engine fitter worked on Hastings Beverly argosy and most other aircraft .just looking for friends who knew him John ryan (son) many thanks

  22. Hello,
    I am looking for the physical address of the Commandants residence for the RAOC depot in Bramley Hampshire back in 1969. My father, Col Ronnie Alden, was the Commandant there. I understand the landscape has probably changed. If anyone knows the address please email me. Lance Alden. New Zealand.

  23. looking for any of the wrac girls that were stationed at the army school of education Beaconsfield 1959/ 1963

  24. wondering about Les Web, last known station RAF North Luffenham, home town Trowbridge just wondering how life has been treating you over the years . My health has been through many ups and downs since losing Bert six years ago.

  25. Hi,
    I am trying to locate or learn any information about Ken Harding. Ken was an apprentice on engines at RAF Halton during years 1953 to 1956. His family members are seeking any information about him from the time he left RAF Halton. His full name is Kenneth William Harding.
    Any info would be most welcome.
    Regards, Colin.

    • Hi Colin,

      Have you tried a search on the Forces Reunited website? It is completely free to search, Full Membership is only required to take advantage of the communication options we offer such as the Private Community Forum and Instant Messaging service.

      Kind Regards,


      • Hi Tom,
        I have looked on the FR website and can find no trace of him. I have found photos of him on the Raf Halton 7T5 Club, but can find nothing positive since 1956 when he completed his apprenticeship.
        Regards and best wishes,


      • Hi Colin,

        Very sorry about that. Although we’ve got over 1 million members that’s still just a small proportion of those who have served over the years.

        Perhaps the RAF Halton Association would be able to help further: http://www.oldhaltonians.co.uk/ have you tried them yet?

        Maybe even the RAF Rumour Service will be able to help: http://www.e-goat.co.uk/forums/forum.php They have sections of their forum relating to networking which includes RAF Halton.

        I hope you find Mr Harding.

        Kind Regards,


  26. looking for anyone from HMS Repulse-Resolution-Renoun- and a few more ..who may remember me from working in St Margarets Hotel,(the maggies) Dunfermline,Fife,Scotland in the 1970’s. I have important info ,please get in touch

  27. Does any body know the where a bouts of a Cpl Pat Saunders WRAC who married a Charlie Walker in Bicester 16 BN 1964 Pat is trying to contact Anne Hunter Wrac as they both worked in the radio control office with a Sgt Bates WRAC. Charlie and me were staff car drivers at the time. Ex SGT Leonard Robert (Bob) Goldthorpe

  28. successful search for my friend!! Fred Lewis RAF. have been looking for him for 45 years, He was school friend then early cycliong club then raf then lost t6ouch in 1968. But have now found hi9m thru’ Forces reunited. Tom Wallbank. Tom audrey@hotmail.co.uk

  29. HI Everybody I am an ex-sapper on a 2yr HND Business management course. Part of the course requires me to research a project of my own choosing, and I am hoping that the ex-military community can help me.
    The subject matter I have chosen is about resettlement training and whether it is fit for purpose regarding civilian employment. Is the business sector in the UK blinkered or bias in their opinion to the skills we ex-military have? What are your thoughts and feeling and experiences regarding these matters? If you would like to help me in this endeavour,please contact me using my e-mail address so I can forward you a qualitive questionnaire when I have written it. My e-mail address is combat339@hotmail.co.uk. If my report findings are of benefit to todays personnel that are leaving the forces, I will forward it on to the MOD and the Royal British Legion.
    former 24362339 L/Cpl S Robinson RE. (combat)

  30. Hiya need some help finding a man called Howard Garrett as he is my biological father and never met him he has two other sons names Sean 25 Thomas 21-22 would help a lot if anyone e knows him

  31. I am writing a book about ships that were built at Providence, Rhode Island , USA during World War 2. There were 21 frigates of the COLONY class built there for the RN. I would like to communicate with any veterans who served on any one of those ships, to learn about life on board, enemy action, etc. Thank you.

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